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How do we achieve the elegant coffee husk?

In the creation of our exquisite coffee husk drink, we use 100% Colombian Arabica coffee beans. As its name suggests, the “cáscara” is the part that covers the magical coffee fruit. Through a delicate process of cold infusion, we extract its most sublime sweet and fruity flavors. In this process different variables play a crucial role to obtain this delightful and unique result.

Would you like to know our process? come on, I’ll tell you about it!

First destination. Drying: Galante’s coffee husks are taken to a canopy in their first stage, to finally go through a mechanical drying process that preserves their flavors and guarantees the adequate humidity.

Second destination. Extraction of the cold brew from the husk: We hydrate the husks with cold water in specially designed tanks. Over a prolonged period of time, the infusion comes to life in a movement that awakens its essences, thus maximizing the contact surface between the coffee husk and the water. Here, patience plays a key role. We must wait for the perfect moment to begin filtering the coffee husk concentrate. In this way, we obtain the exact measure of flavor and energy that you enjoy so much in a coffee husk beverage full of fruity flavors and an unbeatable sweetness.

Third destination. We have coffee husk for every taste: I am convinced that coffee husk transcends from being more than a simple beverage to being an expression and lifestyle of every humanoid. Because its flavors are very similar to those of tea, we were able to fuse Galante coffee husk with flavors such as green apple, orange, ginger, acai and passion fruit, in a balanced and delicious way, to satisfy all tastes.

100% sustainable Galante!

In addition to the benefits it brings to health, this essence is also a gift to the environment and society by using a by-product that used to be discarded and turning it into a coffee co-product. It is no secret that the coffee industry faces significant challenges in terms of environmental sustainability and economic support to communities and coffee growers.

One metric ton of coffee husk can avoid the emission of 135 tons of CO2 into the environment. By using this resource, we avoid the release of CO2 and, at the same time, by giving economic value to a previously discarded product, we contribute to increasing the income of coffee growers, thus improving and dignifying their profession.

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