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cold brew coffee

How do we make Galante cold brew coffee?

Let us take you into this fascinating story! As its name suggests, cold brew is a cold infusion process where multiple variables play a crucial role in the final result. Let me tell you, humanoids, that in the elaboration of our cold brew coffee, we do not use just any coffee, of course not, we use 100% Colombian Arabica coffee beans, which would make anyone fall in love with its aroma even before tasting it.

Roaster Coffee

Where does the coffee come from?

Originating in the magical mountains of Antioquia, our beans have a unique origin. In Galante, the special selection of our allied farms is fundamental. Each fruit is hand-picked, thus capturing the most exquisite essence of the coffee trees to create an authentic premium coffee.

bebida cascara de cafe

How do we make Galante coffee cherry tea?

In the creation of our exquisite coffee husk drink, we use 100% Colombian Arabica coffee beans. As its name suggests, the “cáscara” is the part that covers the magical coffee fruit. Through a delicate process of cold infusion, we extract its most sublime sweet and fruity flavors. In this process different variables play a crucial role to obtain this delightful and unique result.

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