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How do we make Galante cold brew coffee?

Let us take you into this fascinating story! As its name suggests, cold brew is a cold infusion process where multiple variables play a crucial role in the final result. Let me tell you, humanoids, that in the elaboration of our cold brew coffee, we do not use just any coffee, of course not, we use 100% Colombian Arabica coffee beans, which would make anyone fall in love with its aroma even before tasting it.

Without a doubt and without fear of being mistaken, the ace up our sleeve that makes our Galante Cold Brew Coffee much more delightful and recognizable to the world is clearly the “Colombian” profile, which, with its sweet characteristics, its
exquisite panela flavor and its medium/low acidity will make anyone melt. Furthermore, this coffee is harvested at an altitude between 1750 and 1850 meters above sea level, by the most delicate farmer hands from the municipality of Fredonia, located in the Department of Antioquia.

This is how this adventure starts!

First stop: roasting process

  • The coffee beans embark on a delightful journey when they are taken to a medium roasting curve where their best qualities come to light. A coarse grind enhances their unique essence to turn our Cold Brew into an intense flavor adventure.

Second stop: cold brew extraction

  • In our special tanks, coffee and cold water come together on the same path. The infusion comes to life in motion, thus increasing the contact surface of the coffee with the water. Here, patience is key! We must wait for the precise instant to filter the concentrated coffee, thus capturing the perfect measure of flavor and energy that you enjoy so much in a cold brew full of nuances and intense flavors.

Third stop: Cold brew coffee for all tastes!

  • From our coffee philosophy, it is clear to us that the taste for coffee in any of its presentations is a trait of the personality of each humanoid. For this reason, our exquisite cold brew managed to fuse itself in a balanced way with the seductive notes of vanilla and the enchanting nuance of chocolate. Incredible combinations destined to conquer your taste buds!


It’s no surprise that caffeine has settled in so willingly on this planet, since the
amount of benefits it offers for the health of our humanoids is almost incalculable.

Come this way, I would like to tell you about some of them

  1. It will keep you young: Our cold brew coffee hides a treasure trove of antioxidants, carefully preserved by not subjecting them to high temperatures during their extraction. These molecules will not only help you stay young, but they also act as protectors of our health.
  2. Helps you lose weight: For me and for those of us who like to exercise, caffeine helps us break down fat molecules and burn calories more easily. Since cold brew coffee has a higher percentage of caffeine than regular coffee, it becomes the best ally when it comes to training.
  3. Increases your physical and mental abilities: Of course, in our cold brew coffee, caffeine works by increasing the blood flow to our brain. This significantly improves the cognitive abilities that are in charge of memory, planning, attention and concentration.
  4. Friendly to your stomach and pleasing to your taste buds: The cold extraction of the coffee we make at Galante cold brew coffee results in a light, flavorful, low-acid beverage that is perfect for those humanoids with sensitive stomachs!

What’s next for Galante?

The search and experimentation of what can be achieved with this coffee and its co-products is the north of Galante, from the most traditional flavors to those that are unique and autochthonous to Colombia and the world. Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world and the versatility of cold brew and its co-products allows us to reach new markets and more adventurous tastes.

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